Lotus Turbo Challenge 2

Title		Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
Game Type	Driving
Players		1 or 2 or 2 via Serial
Compatibility	AGA patch available
Submission	Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

While there were bits of Lotus 1 that I thought were great, the undulating
races into the sunset, and some of the rock music, but for the most part I
found the tracks too fiddly. I'm not particuarly good at this reflex stuff
mind you, so what do I know? Lotus 2, though is altogether more to my
taste. The tracks get consistently tougher, but are learnable and fair,
and with time even I can pull off some fairly nice moves against the
opposition. The illusion of movement as with all of the Lotus games is
very good, and racing through the checkpoints with less than a second to
spare is highly satisfying. The presentation throughout is particuarly
good, with some really crisp music, and pleasing loading screens. You soon
realise that you are playing a quality product. I'm sure it's part of the
game design, but I swear some of the other cars are camouflaged so that
you don't see them until it's too late. The game also features various
objects that you can use to jump over obstructions like water that would
otherwise add crucial seconds to your time. You have the several options
of control, including an automatic gearbox if you're a big girl's blouse.
The two player option is fine, but not a patch on the serial link option
which is identical to the single player game except that white Lotus that
just blew you off the road is driven by your mate.
In conclusion then, a polished and highly playable racing game that should
appeal to pretty much anyone.

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