Angus Manwaring Profile

Current favourite	Full Metal Planete

Most loathed		Dogfight (See review)

Most overrated		Streetfighter games  ...I mean, why?

Most underrated		Star Crusader

Most like to see        A realtime 3D MechForce game

I've always had a fascination with 3D games, I think it's down to the
escapism, and the feeling of exploration. I'm not wild about very fast
paced action games with no thought involved, but there are exceptions like
Turrican and Uridium 2. Although a lot of people seem to object to a
combination of games styles within a specific game, I think it can work
very well and is demonstrated by games like Steel Empire. I do enjoy a bit
of strategy thrown into the mix so Carrier Command and UFO: Enemy Unknown
went down very well with me. 

If you'd like to e-mail me, I have "broken" my e-mail address by adding numbers to it. For the correct address, just remove them:

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