Seppo Typpö Profile

 Current favourites     Exodus The Last War, VirtualGP, Nightlong.

 Most loathed           Cash-in sequels to classic games

 Most overrated         Falcon

 Most underrated        F16 Combat Pilot, JetPilot, Wayne Gretsky Hockey

 Most like to see       Hd installer/patch to the Wayne Gretsky Hockey,
                        Hyperion Software to port B17 Flying Fortress II
                        and PPC/Warp3D accelerated version of VirtualGP II.
                        Maybe somebody could hunt down and publish the AGA
                        versions of Hired Guns and JetPilot too?

To me the most important things in a game are playability, originality and
attention to detail; all of which add a lot to the game's atmosphere and
draw the player totally into the world it creates. Good looks can only act
as the 'icing on the cake', completing the otherwise excellent 'package'.
Some of the best games even look quite dreadful (like Civilization) but
they play like a dream.

I loath games which concentrate too much on things like net play and
forget to provide a suitable, challenging single player mode. Call me
a dinosaur, but to me, a game must work properly in single-player mode
before it fires my interest.

Then there are games which put good looks before good gameplay. Prime
example (in my humble opinion) must be the original Falcon. While the game
had excellent graphics and sound effects, it had quite shallow gameplay
(only 12 preset missions) and some notable bugs in the flight
characteristics (these problems were later solved quietly with the
excellent Mission Disks). A very good flight sim then, but not the 'king
of all flight sims' as hailed in the Amiga press.

I could name several candidates for the most underrated Amiga games ever,
but if I need to choose only one game it must be  F16 Combat Pilot.
Completely over-shadowed by the 'Falcon hype' in the press at the time it
was released, it was quite simply the most feature-packed flight sim of
its time on any platform. Things like real-time interactive campaign,
command option, wing men etc. were introduced in this sim long before they
found their way into other combat flight simulations (including later
versions of Falcon). Sadly, in a fight of 'glamour against gameplay' it
lost to the flashier looking sims and never really got the recognition it
so richly deserved.

Allthought the Amiga has lately received some excellent games I'd still
like to see a PPC-accelerated flight simulation and F1 (or rally) car
simulation. While some people say we should move to new the Amiga when it
arrives, I'll see some life in the 'old dog' yet and will continue
uppgrading (and buying) both software and hardware for it for many years
to come.

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