Pretentious Nickname Profile

Current favourite       Space Harrier and Bonanza Bros.

Most loathed            Afterburner II

Most overrated		Any form of DOOM

Most underrated         Last Refuge (Fred Fish collection)

Most like to see        Star Control 2 (planned but never finished)

I'm Pretentious Nickname, also known as Conceited Jerk, and in some rare
instances requiring I.D., Shaun Wheeler...

I've been an avid Amiga gamer since 1986 (when I was Thirteen), and I've
probably run through every genre of game on the Amiga.  In my youth, I was
mostly interested in action games, such as Arcade conversions or ports of
popular console games (in either case, most were from Sega). Nowadays, I
prefer action games with an interesting (read "different") play mechanic
(such as Bionic Commando, Walker, or Alpha Waves on the Amiga, or Umi Hara
Kawase on the Super Famicom).  When I haven't overindulged in caffeine, I
also like a good strategy game.  I particularily enjoy Star Control,
Defender of the Crown, and Dune 2 on the Amiga.  I just wish Accolade had
released Star Control 2 for the Amiga, it was SUCH a good game on the PC.

I think my ideal Amiga game would be a combination action/strategy game,
set in the future, with some sort of resource management scheme.  The
closest examples I can cite are the Star Control series (unfortunately, 3
did NOT equal 1+2, heh!), or perhaps SD Gundam GX for the Super Famicom...

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