Joona I Palaste Profile

Current favourite       Civilization AGA

Most loathed            Rise of the Robots

Most overrated		Sensible World of Soccer

Most underrated         Ork

Most like to see         Frontier - First Encounters (or even better,
                         Frontier with multiplayer support over TCP/IP)

My taste of Amiga games is a bit miscellaneous. As a child, I was a huge
fan of platform games, but now I'm more inclined to the puzzle and
strategy side. Two of my all-time favourite games, Utopia and
Civilization, are examples of good strategy games. (As for platformers, my
favourite is Twinworld.)

I like games to have good content instead of just lots of graphics and
sound. People get all excited over games like Napalm and Quake, which come
on a CD-ROM, need a PPC card and 64 megabytes of memory to even so much as
hiccup, and have plots that consist entirely of "shoot stuff". I wouldn't
have anything to do with that kind of thing.

My ideal game would be either: A Commodore 64 classic, redone with
32-colour graphics and 4-channel sound, and with ten times the levels,
saveable high score table and all that, or a multiplayer strategy game
such as CivNet, with an absolutely vast world consisting of over 1 million
"blocks" and a history spanning several millennia.

It is perhaps a sign of my Commodore 64 background, or of my "growing up",
that the newest Amiga games I have date from about 1992/93. The ones I
have recently bought are used copies from games of that time. As well as
the commercial games, I consider AmiNet to be a vast resource of PD games,
but sadly most of them are shoddy little affairs.

I have written a couple of games myself, all the good ones are available
on AmiNet. They're mostly in AMOS, but my first C game, Xhess, is already
available and will be followed by Sea Trade when I finally finish it.

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