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Current favourite       Ambermoon (as I still haven't completed it)

Most loathed            Any joystick waggling sports sim like Summer Games

Most overrated          Liberation: Captive 2 (I do love the intro though)

Most underrated         Off-hand I can't think of one.

Most like to see        Not any specific game as such but new hardware then
                        we, hopefully, would get and could run the games we
                        all want to play.

Favourite game genres would have to be Strategy, Management Sims, RPGs,
and Adventures with my least favourite being Beat-em-ups and the afore
mentioned athletics sims. My first experiences with computer games were on
the Spectrum and later the C64 though as these machines belonged to
friends my gaming life wasn't that extensive. It wasn't till I got my
first Amiga circa 1988/89 that I started to collect and play seriously.
For me playability has to come first with graphics and sound effects
merely icing on the cake. Music I can take though more usually leave, with
the odd exception.

For the future of Amiga gaming I believe the AmigaOne and the OS's move to
PPC can only bode well. Cheaper and up to date hardware add-ons can only
mean that those of us who have enjoyed Amiga games in the past will have a
chance at a future of doing so. Many have broached the subject of legacy
for those older games on the new systems and whilst I would like it, I
don't want it at the expense of the Amiga's advancement as a platform. The
Amiga was founded on a precept of being ahead of it's time in terms of
technology and to regain this status we should not forget this just for
the sake of a game.

Finally, a quick word on my review policy. One of my pet hates has always
been biased reviews and I just hated those guys in the magazines who would
give out consistently low scores to genres they disliked. With this in
mind I do tend to only review the games I prefer, of course this is also
because, and why, I have the actual game. I don't like to slag off a game
just for the sake of it after all I doubt that the programmers actually
intended it to be bad, though I do sometimes wonder. So if you think I've
been unfair then let me know and I'll discuss it, you never know you may
convince me.

You can contact me at at

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