Hidehiko Ogata Profile

Current favourite       WizKid

Most loathed            Big licence slackers

Most overrated          Shadow of the Beast

Most underrated         Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon

Most like to see        I wonder if the technology is ripe to unite what you see
                        with what you touch. (Okay, Xerox guys were cool, but
                        that was some 20 years ago.)

I thought I enjoyed all kinds of games, but the list of my reviews
indicates that I'm leaning toward something unique and abstract... Age?

I particularly cherish the moment when personalities shine through the
products, the prime example being the gems by the late Bill Williams, such
as Mind Walker (or the Amiga itself, for that matter.)

As such, I unashamedly confess that my taste is not necessarily limited to
good stuff, as long as the authors believed in themselves and gave their
best shot. Someday I hope to do a tribute review for those "kusoge" - a
literal Japanese word for those charming cr*p games, the binary
equivalents of Ed Wood's masterpieces.

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