Dennis Smith Profile

Current favourite    Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker

Most loathed         Batman Returns

Most overrated       Light-gun games

Most underrated      Tower of Babel

Most like to see     The depth of Midwinter combined with the breadth of
                     Midwinter II

For me, games have to do one of two things to hold my attention. They have
to reward logical thought or they've got to offer a real open-endedness
- a quality that no matter how many times you play, you can still be
surprised by a turn of events. For the former, a decent puzzle game wins
every time, and I also enjoy turn-based RPG and strategy. For the latter,
certain sports games and racing games can play differently every time, and
there's something about golf, pinball and billiards games that win me over
every time. Billiards, in one form or another, has always particularly
fascinated me. The first words I ever typed into a computer keyboard (a
ZX81) were 'play snooker'. Imagine my disappointment at the resulting
syntax error. Most of my very favourite games have appeared on the Amiga;
you'll find almost all of my favourites reviewed below. And I still enjoy
a round of golf, a pinball dream or a spot of whirlwind snooker from time
to time.

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