Chris Vella Profile

Current favourites	TV Sports/Cinemaware games, Unreal, Lionheart, Gods,
			Alien Breeds, Doom.

Most loathed            RBI2 baseball

Most underrated         LionHeart, Jim Power

Most overrated          Kick Off 2, Rainbow Islands

Most like to see        Wings AGA plus data disks and Cinemaware's return

Favourite Genre		Arcade Action and Shoot'em ups

Least Favourite Genre	Strategy, RPG and sims

As you can see I like arcade type games. Doom is my favourite game. Its so
simple to play yet so challenging. (and they said this game could never be
done on the Amiga!) With so many user created WADS you can play the game

I am also a very big fan of the Cinemaware games. EVERY SPORTS game from
them is superb and nothing even comes close to being as good! Its amazing
to me that Cinemaware was one of the FIRST Amiga game publishers and
created some of the best games to this day.

I have had my Amiga now for 11 years and have collected over 450 ORIGINAL
game titles. I still play games on my Amiga almost every day. I will NEVER
get rid of this great computer.

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