Adrian Simpson Profile

Current favourite       Civilization

Most loathed            Willow

Most overrated		Most games

Most underrated         Ultima 6

Most like to see        Ultima Underworld 1&2.

I'm a Amiga games fan with a real Amiga (A1200 030 50MHz, 34Mb RAM, hard
disk, Power Tower, Power Flyer, CD-ROM drive, CD-writer) and also an
emulated one (in WinUAE/WinFellow). I've got about 500 original Amiga
games. I'm working on an Amiga games database, which will be at . Also see the English Amiga Board at that site
( I'm Cody Jarrett.

I like most genres and games like Speedball 2, Flashback, Moonstone,
Stardust, Supremacy, The Chaos Engine, Turrican, Gem'X, Monkey Island,
Alien Breed 3D, Carrier Command, Virus, Zeewolf...

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