Zool 2

Title           Zool 2
Game Type       Platform
Company         Gremlin (1994)
Players         1 or 2
Compatibility   ECS/AGA versions
HD Installable  Yes (JST Patch for ECS)
Submission      Kristian Hesketh (kristiangk@aol.com) Profiled Reviewer

Zool 2 was the sequel to one of the Amigas most famous platformers ever
and in the traditional fashion, improved on the game in as many ways as
possible. Better graphics, better sound and more playability was what the
game trumpeted at the gaming world and it didn't disappoint.

Personally, I always assume platformers to be dull and boring. I don't
know why, but I never really go for them. Especially the cute, bright and
bouncing ones. It is always a huge surprise when I really enjoy them and
it shouldn't be. Rainbow Islands, Bubble Bobble, First and Second Samurai,
Fury of the Furries, Ruff and Tumble and many more currently inhabit the
depths of my harddisk and they're great. The original Zool was a bad game,
so I never really wanted it's sequel.

Zool 2 gives you the choice of two similar characters to play as, one male
(Zool) and one female (Zooz). It broadens the gameplay slightly as the two
must complete the levels along different paths occasionally.

The actual game is simple. Jump and run, collecting the tokens and
destroying the enemies until you exit the level. You must collect a
certain number of tokens preventing you from flying through the level
ignoring everything until you reach the end.

The great thing about the game is the smoothness, speed and control of
your sprite. You can move through the levels very easily and can perform a
number of moves to kill the enemies, including the very useful

There are secret rooms and power-ups, end of level bosses and everything
you expect to find in a platformer, but done in a very professional and
slick manner, so it's great fun to play.

The in-game music is quite good and the graphics are colourful and
well-drawn, but the most important part, the gameplay, is very well done.
At the end of the day it is just another platformer, so don't expect
anything revolutionary, but it's one of best you'll see. The closest the
Amiga has ever come to a console platformer and arguably the best game on
the Gremlin Collection (although, I thought the old ECS Disk-Only Budget
version I had was awful).

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