Zeewolf II

Title		Zeewolf II
Game type	3D Action
Publisher	Binary Asylum
Players		1
Compatibility	OCS, AGA
HD Installable	Yes
Submission	Karl Anders Rostrup (s691@ii.uib.no)

Zeewolf II is a polygon shooter in the same style as Zeewolf I
(unsurprisingly) and David Braben's Virus.

  The aim of the game is to complete the missions you're given by your
superiors to the best of your ability, protecting your nation's interests
and defeating the enemy forces massed against you and the allied forces.
The key to the campaign is you and your experimental Zeewolf combat
helicopter, able to fulfill a multitude of roles, from rescue to seek and
destroy. To aid you in your task you have a multipurpose tracking
autocannon in the Zeewolf's nose, and a variety of homing and dumbfire
missiles on the wings. Able to resupply from allied ships and land-based
resupply vehicles, the Zeewolf is a formidable helicopter indeed. But so
are the forces arrayed against you - a frontal attack is doomed to failure.
This calls for tactics, and it's up to you to find out which tactic works
best against each particular enemy.

  Zeewolf II has fairly detailed graphics, okay sound, and gameplay that
catches you by the throat and refuses to let go until you've completed the
40-odd missions offered by Z2. Upon completing the game, I just wanted
more missions - a mission disk would definetly have come in handy. But
finishing the game in the first place will take some dedicated playing,
for some missions can be quite difficult and require skilled use of
tactics to complete without heavy casualties. Z2 has a well thought out
learning curve, starting with easy missions and steadily progressing to
more and more complicated missions, until the end of the game, where the
*really* hard missions are.

  Z2 gives you the option of controlling the helicopter via keyboard,
joystick or mouse. My preference for helicopter control is definetly
mouse, which gives you unparallelled control and enables you to strafe and
dodge with the best of them in no time at all. But for controlling tanks
or boats (done with remote-control in the game), joystick seems to be the
best choice. There is no savegame-option - but instead, you're offered a
password so you can return to the level of your choice.

  All in all, Zeewolf II is a very good game, despite that you are left
wanting for more missions upon completition. This is a must for any
Amiga-owner's collection.

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