Zany Golf

Title            Zany Golf
Game Type        Sport
Players          1-8
Company          Electronic Arts (1988)
HD Installable   No
Compatibility    68000, 68020, not sure about 68030+

Crazy golf is one of those sports that provokes all kinds of interesting

"You hit it twice!"

"You kicked my ball!"

"Hurry up, you're going too slow!"

"Don't hit the ball so hard!"

Such is life at a holiday resort. So if golf is no longer just crazy, but
zany, what happens?

Erm, not a lot.

At first glance, Zany Golf just seems like your average crazy golf sim
viewed from a 3D isometric perspective. The first hole seems normal
enough - a windmill hole. Then things get extremely weird - getting the
ball under bouncing hamburgers, moving the ball over a magic carpet,
having the ball blown around a tennis ball by a load of fans - the
craziness seems to never end.

When this game was first released in 1989, the computer press met it with
curiosity. In spite of its originality, they didn't seem to appreciate it
too much, and this was a shame.

Zany Golf's gameplay is varied to say the least and the multiplayer mode
is a laugh. The graphics are beautifully drawn and animated, and
complement the game well.

When I said that the craziness seems to never end, that was a bit of an
exaggeration. It also highlights one of Zany Golf's key flaws -
longevity. Nine holes are nowhere near enough and although it may take
you some time to finish them the fun ends far too quickly.

At the time, the full-priced game was not worth the money, but now you'll
probably only encounter this game second-hand at a boot sale or
second-hand shop somewhere, or alternatively, you can download it legally
at Ami Sector One ( who have
licensed some Electronic Arts titles for free download. At this minimal
cost, I recommend that you get it straight away.

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