Xtreme Racing

Title           Xtreme Racing
Game Type       Driving
Players         1-4 (2-8 on a linkup)
Compatibility   AGA
Submission      mogwai@cintranet.co.uk

I remember getting the demo of this game from a CU cover disk way back
in March 1996, I was excited when I put the disk into my A1200 and as it
loaded up I remember almost jumping up and down in exitement.
When I started the game, though, I had a great feeling of
dissapointment. It was slow. So slow, in fact, that it was unplayable
unless you put the screen size right down.
So it layed in the bottom of the disk box for a few weeks. Then one day
I was bored, and upon discovering the disk once more, I decided to give
it another chance.
While it was still the case that I needed to shrink the screen size right
down, I found out what a great game it really was. You could race, fight,
or mix the two depending on your mood, you could even link it accross two
computers connected via a null modem link or phone-line.
This is when I realised that I needed an accellerator. So out I went and
bought myself a nice new Blizzard 030 50MHZ card. XTR was one of the
first things I tried, and to be honest, I was totally gobsmacked. The
game now ran at speeds so fast that I could easily play it at full screen
in 1X1. Really, I wouldn't recomend this game on anything less than an
030, because this revolutionised the game.
The game is simple: race around a track, pick up weapons and kill each
other. But when it's played multiplayer,things really start to get
interesting. Up to four people can play at once on one screen, and on a
linkup game eight players can play simultaneously.
If you get the extra Data disks, then this improves the game no end,
giving you more tracks, more weapons and, most importantly, a track
I still play this game a lot, it still looks good (even faster on an 060
now) and it's still FUN. unfortunately it can be very unstable linked up
but that isn't a major issue.
If you havn't got this game yet, then get it now, you can pick it up for
under a fiver and so far it's given me over two years of entertainment,
I'm sure it will for you, too.

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