Wrath of the Demon

Title           Wrath of the Demon
Game Type	General Action
Players		1
Compatibility	All
Company		Readysoft
HD Installable  Patch Available
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   Many people compare this game to the Shadow of the Beast games, where a
character blasts his way through an attractively drawn, horizontally
scrolling world, saying that they are all the same. Similiar yes, but I
think this game is its own game.

   You control a man who must battle his way through the lands killing any
creatures that you will come across. You start the game on horseback and
must jump over obsticles while collecting any potions that you find. Make
it past all the obstacles and then you will go to the next level where you
will be on foot. On these levels you are armed with a sword and must make
your way to the end of these levels. You can go either left or right and
must collect a certain object to be able to access different parts of the
level. These levels do play similiar to the Shadow of the Beast games but
have enough variety to make it different. There are a number of guardians
that you will come across and you must figure out which attacks will
defeat them. Some potions can be used to inflict major damage and some
other potions will restore your health. You can only carry a limited
number of potions so you should use them or you won't be able to collect
any new ones that you come across.

   The game is a graphical treat. I think that they are just as good if
not slighlty better then the Shadow of the beast series. The sound is also
very good. You are even treated to a very impressive animated intro
sequence before the game begins. One feature that makes this game better
then Shadow of the Beast is the option of being able to save your game.
After completing a level you have the option of saving your position. You
can save a number of games and load any one of them if you wanted to

   In conclusion, this game shows that a game can be a graphical
masterpiece and still be a very playable game. Yes, there are similarities
with the Shadow of the Beast but this game is different enough and should
still be purchased. In my opinion this game is better than Shadow of the
Beast. There are some really amazing graphical effects (check out the
lightning bolt that turns into a skeleton) and everything moves very
smoothly. This is one game that will impress anyone that plays or watches
it. I wish there was an AGA version of this game. If you liked Shadow of
the Beast, then you will love this! This game is almost a classic and is
an essential purchase. Treat yourself to this graphic and sound

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