Wings of Fury

Title           Wings of Fury
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Publisher	Domark/Broderbund, 1988
Players         1
HD Installable	No
Compatibility   A500 etc (AGA Degraded)
Submission      Mike West

 This game is one of those lesser known gems that you come across from
time to time. I actually discovered it several years ago and still enjoy a
blast on it to this day. You simply have to take off from an aircraft
carrier, fly to your target and attack. The view of the game is side-on
and the plane that you fly is an American US Navy Hellcat. A selection of
three types of weapon presents itself, and dependant on the type of
target, you may carry either 30 bombs, 15 missiles or a torpedo. This is
in addition to your machine-guns. Weapon selected, you take off from the
carrier and fly to your target. At the beginning you also have a selection
of rank, the higher you choose the harder the missions become. The earlier
missions entail bombing runs on enemy islands as they try desperately to
shoot you down with their anti-aircraft guns. The trick really is to
knockout the guns but shoot or bomb any troops running around before they
run back to them or else they simply re-man them and carry on shooting.

 When I first played this I found it impossibly hard to land on the
aircraft carrier after a raid. However, once you've got the technique it
really is very easy. The handling of the plane is also in my opinion,
unique amongst this style of game on the Amiga. I'm not sure how they did
it, but when you try to fly from the carrier you really do feel like you
are pulling up on the joystick to stay in flight. This feature will have
you cursing when you first play but I promise you will appreciate it more
as you become more adept at the controls. Later missions entail sinking
battle cruisers and dogfighting with the enemy planes which seem to stick
to you like glue. For an old game (1988), I like the graphical style of
this game. It's been clearly drawn and the large grey battleships looming
into view reflect the 1944 wartime mood of the game. The music at the
intro is also clearly identifiable as an American naval style theme, in
fact as I type this the tune keeps playing in my head!

 I have spent many hours playing this game over the years and the fault
that some may find is that the missions may feel a little repetitive. That
aside, flying low over palm trees ( without crashing!), approaching the
sound of guns and then blowing everything in sight to pieces does have a
kind of satisfaction. Some may prefer the fly high - be safe strategy.
Flying toward the top of the screen actually pans the view right out to
make the hellcat a small blip in the sky. Bombing then becomes impossibly
difficult but fulfilling if you do actually hit something. I also like the
way thick black smoke trails from the plane if you take hits and the
little cockpit display on the screen shows the oil pressure dropping. Fly
back to your carrier and repairs, refuelling and rearming all take place
ready for your next run. On the subject of the carrier, checkout the
arrester hook landing style, the little men directing you for landing and
takeoff and the sound of the giant lift as you are taken below deck for

 This game is an early classic and I was chuffed to bits when I found a
copy. If you come across it, buy it because if you don't, your mate will
and you'll be looking over his shoulder.

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