Wings of Death

Title		Wings of Death
Game Type	Shoot`em Up
Players		1
Compatibility	Amiga 500, HD patch exists

This superb game by Marc Rosocha's team (he also co-wrote Chambers of
Shaolin) has combined many elements from existing shoot`em up games.
	Before you start, you can select different sound modes (music,
music+fx, fx only) or view the highscore table. Off to the first level,
where you fly (looking like a moth at first) vertically across some kind
of castle-scenery. Collecting the proper extras you can "expand" the
little moth to a real mean powerbeast with really good firepower. Beware
of the extras with a Skull which take away one level of firepower. Other
things you can collect are smart bombs, satellites, energy-regenerators or
lives. The 5 different types of Firepower can each be expanded up to 5
levels. If you catch another type of firepower, you lose your current
levels of firepower and start from scratch again.
	The difficulty slowly increases in the 7 different levels and
Wings of Death can be mastered using the right Firepower, a lot of time
and experience and a bit of luck. Sometimes it is hard to tell if part of
the background can do you harm, which sometimes can lead to sudden deaths
at unexpected places. Despite that, Wings of Death is a good shoot`em up
game with nice graphics and good sound.

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