Wizardry VI - Bane of the Cosmic Forge

Title 		Wizardry VI - Bane of the Cosmic Forge
Game Type	RPG
Publisher	Sir-Tech
Players		1
Compatibility	OCS and AGA
Submission	Karl Anders Rostrup

This game is a good (if appearing dated) role-playing game, somewhat
similar to SSI's GoldBox-style games, and will keep you occupied for
some time.

As in many RPGs, you are given the opportunity to create a party of
up to six characters for your quest to find the lost Bane of the Cosmic
Forge. You are allowed to choose between a multitude of character classes
and races, but take care and time to roll up good characters in the start
of the game - you'll need everything you can get to survive the first part
of the game without suffering unacceptable losses. The game interface is
functional, and lets you control your characters actions without too much
fussing around, though it can take a short while to find out exactly what
everything does. Character development is well implemented, as is the
opportunity for experienced characters to switch classes and aquire even
more powers and abilities that can eventually be combined with the
abilities of the old classes. The puzzles of the game can be rather odd at
times, but thinking and searching through it all will help you out more
often than not. Some of the enemies are *very* tough, and require advance
knowledge of their powers and abilities if you are to defeat them

The graphics of the game appear rather dated, and the sound is so-so, but
under this aged appearance lies an intriguing role-playing game that will
take you at least a week to complete. Humor is present in the game, and
you will find yourself laughing at some of the puns and jokes that are
part of the plotline and character interaction. If there's anything
negative to be said about this game, it must be that if you miss out on a
vital clue in  the game, it can take you ages to backtrack to just the
part where you went wrong. Also, some of the correct responses to the
NPCs can be very hard to find.

Concluding this review, this game is well worth getting, and should
probably be a bargain because of its age. An enjoyable RPG that will keep
you occupied for some time to come.

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