Title           Wings
Game Type	General Action
Players		1
Compatibility	All
Company		Cinemaware
HD Installable  Yes
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

This flight game is geared more to arcade sequences rather than flight
simulation. You are a WW1 pilot who is sent out to complete various missions.
The missions include enemy patrol, balloon bursting, dogfighting, bombings,
and troop straffing. There is a storyline that follows each mission, it's sort
of a soldiers diary that adds a little atmosphere to the game.

   Controlling the game is very simple, its all done with the joystick. There
are no keyboard commands, there is no need for them as the simple joystick
controls are perfect for this type of game.

   The gameplay in this game is excellent, some might argue that it's a bit
samey but in my opinion thats not the case because there is always a different
amount of enemies attacking you. In the dogfighting sequences, you fly your
biplane looking for the Red enemy biplanes. Your plane is equipted with
machine guns which are used to shoot at any targets you come across. The enemy
has the same machine guns as you. The enemy must be shot a number of times to
be shot down. This is a lot of fun to try to do and you feel a sense of
accomplishment when you do it. When a plane gets shot down, the animation is a
joy to watch as the plane spirals straight into the ground and explodes. If
you get shot down, you can still try to land the plane without crashing, but
if your body is shot up, your plane will spiral into the ground. As the game
progresses you will encounter up to 9 enemy planes at once attacking you. You
must attack some and dodge the others, this is the best of all the scenarios
because it is very challanging.
   The balloon sequence is similiar to the dogfighting, the only difference is
that you shoot at reconaissance balloons to complete the mission, but enemy
planes still come after you.
   The straffing sequences are different as they are 2 Dimensional and not 3
Dimensional like the missions mentioned above. In straffing, your plane flys
close to the ground shooting everythinng in site. Enemy soldiers and mounted
guns will barrage you with bullets and it is almost impossible not to suffer
some damage. When you shoot a soldier, they scream and fall in a pool of
blood. Shooting enemy vehicles results in a big explosion, killing anybody who
had the misfortune of being to close to it. It's violent but you will love
doing it. All your kills are saved throughout the game and are compared to
other soldiers, so the more kills you have, the better chance you have of
getting promoted to a higher rank.

   The graphics and sound in the game are excellent, as in all Cinemaware
games. The engine sounds are very realistic, as are the screams and the
explosions. In conclusion, If you like complicated flight simulators then this
game is not for you. But if you like blowing apart people and vehicles then
you will absolutely love this game. I feel that this game is the best of its
genre and the sound played through a high fi stereo is something that must be
heard! Experience the best arcade/flight game on the Amiga.

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