Winter Games

Title           Winter Games
Publisher       Epyx (US Gold MegaSports compilation bu US Gold)
Game Type       Sport
Players         1-8
Compatibility   Not AGA
HD Installable  No
Submission      Seppo Typpö ( Profiled Reviewer

After dabbling with Summer Olympics events with the Summer Games series,
Epyx took another step in their world domination of sports sims with
Winter Games. As the name eloquently hints, this time the player is
competing in Winter Olympics events like Figure Skating, Free Skating,
Speed Skating, Hot Dog Aerials (nowadays also known as Freestyle jump),
Ski Jump, Biathalon and Bobsled.

As usual in an Epyx simulation, practice, single and multiplayer options
exist (some events use split-screen for true head-to-head
competition). Each event is controlled with a series of well timed
joystick button presses and stick movements. In true Epyx fashion
there's no joystick waggling at all and each event uses a slightly
different control method, which means that each event must be learned
individually before all games can be mastered.

The Amiga conversion is once again a flawless remake of the C64 original -
then again, nothing less should have been expected. The 16-colour graphics
are nice, sound effects and music more than adequate and the joystick
control works like a dream.

One glaring minus point the game has is its limited choice of events.
Winter Olympics has a narrow selection of different games but for some
reason Winter Games has even less. The two figure skating events are
practically the same event (only with a different scoring system and time
limit) while downhill events like slalom are for some reason completely

All in all though, Winter Games is another Epyx masterpiece, if a slightly
flawed one - a wider selection of events would have made it even better.
Due to the nature of its events it will probably not appeal to everyone -
especially if they are not interested in winter sports. Still, Winter
Games is one of the better sports sims and a 'must' to any Epyx fan.

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