Title		Waxworks
Game Type	RPG
Players		1
Compatibility	All?
Submission	Aidan Ryder

This is one fun game. The plot runs thus: Your uncle dies, and you receive
his waxworks museum in his will, along with a crystal ball. Intrigued, you
head over there, and  forced into one of the waxwork scenes by your late
uncle`s manservant. You then find yourself in the time and place the
waxwork depicts, and you must follow the trail of your evil ancestors and
kill them, with your only help coming from the crystal ball, which
contains the spirit of your recently departed uncle...

Enough plot, what about the game? Well, graphically it resembles Eye Of
The Beholder in style, but the graphics are far, far superior. There is a
lot of gore though, so if you prefer your fights clean and bloodless this
is not the game for you.

Sound is OK, not wonderful, but good and not hit-the-mute-button terrible.
Squelches, thuds, screams...what more do you need?

The gameplay is good too, a nice mix of intriguing puzzles and out-and-out
slaughter. The fights in the game are superb, with several weapons like
crowbars, a sickle, a shovel and a makeshift flamethrower. When you meet a
nasty, you click on the part of him/her/it you want to attack, and this
comes in very handy in the graveyard for example, where you can hack off a
zombie`s arms in order to prevent it attacking you...

Lastability-wise the game again comes up trumps, with several different
waxworks to enter and solve, and the puzzles and fights presenting quite a
challenge. The only major flaw is difficulty, in that some of the fights
are very nasty, and the puzzles are not easy, and often involve
booby-traps, so save often...

I would definately recommend this game to anyone, especially anyone with a
love of EOTB.

Graphics	95%
Sound 		80%
Playability 	89%
Lastability 	90%
Overall		92%

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