Title		Walker
Publisher       Psygnosis
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1
Compatibility	All
HD Installable	Patch Available
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This is the first time that I have seen something new done to the
shoot'em genre. The control method is different to what the norm is and it
works very well.

   The object of the game is to shoot all enemies and enemy vehicles. You
control a walker (which is a creature from the starwars movie) and must
kill all the enemies before losing all your energy. You must use both the
mouse and the joystick. The joystick makes you move from right to left and
the mouse aims your gun and shoots your bullets. The right mouse button
makes you lock onto a target and the left button will shoot your guns. You
must be careful not to shoot too many bullets at once because your gun
will start to overheat and then won't fire. I know the control method
might sound weird but believe me it works extremely well.

   The game plays very well. There is some good intelligence to the
enemies. They will try to run away when you aim at them and as soon as you
shoot at something else they will turn around and start shooting at you
again. The enemies soldiers are very numerous and can also be killed by
stepping on them. This is a nice touch as they flatten nicely into the
ground. Some enemies shoot at you from buildings and when you shoot them,
they scream and fall off the building and splat on the ground. But the
soldiers are the easiest of all the enemies to kill, things will get much
harder. Enemy planes and helicopters will fly right at you dropping bombs
on you. You will have to be quick to shoot all of these. There is also
some kind of car that lays land mines, which will injure you if you step
on any. You can shoot the mines to explode them before you walk over them.
Some enemy soldiers will try to climb on top of you and plant a bomb on
you, you can wiggle the joystick back and forth, and try to make them fall
off or shoot them as they are hanging off you. This is a very nice touch
to the game.

   The graphics are excellent but the sound is awesome! There is also
sampled speech in the game. The levels really don't vary that much and the
only thing that changes is that each level adds a new enemy. The
playability of this game is superb! It's different to any other type of
shooting game that I have ever played but it still feels just right. The
difficulty level is perfect. Its starts off easy and gradually becomes
hard. There are also end of level super enemies that will take some time
to kill. The game is not very fast paced but it will feel like it is
because of the amount of enemies attacking you. There is some strategy to
the game. Some enemies must be shot before other kinds of enemies are
shot. You will see why when you play the game.

   In conclusion, A novel idea implemented very well into the shoot'em up
genre. Everything feels just right. It's nice to have a shoot'em up where
some strategy and thought is involved. I've always felt that this game was
underrated because it is one of the best shooting games on the amiga. It's
not perfect but it is one hell of a good game. You get absorbed in the
game and will love mowing down a group of enemy soldiers. Good graphics
along with awesome sound make this game a visual and audio treat, but
thankfully the playability wasn't sacrificed. You want a game that you
will want to keep playing without getting bored? You want a game with great
graphics and sound? You want a game with exceptionally good playability,
then get this game and you will be treated to all of these good things.

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