Worlds At War

Title           Worlds At War
Game Type       Strategy
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   All
Submission      Roger Buckley

Don't be fooled because the game comes on one solitary floppy. This is a
very complex game of C&C in space and the 70 page manual must be studied
before you start the game. The game installs to hard drive by merely
copying the files from the floppy to a draw set up by you. You can load a
saved game or play a fresh one. It uses a word from the manual protection
but this is no hardship as you will certainly need the manual close at

The graphics are very basic and the game area is set up as squares on the
full map display with different coloured squares signifying planet,
vehicle, or cosmic gate. You play against 1 computer opponent. The game is
configurable for size, difficulty etc with a reasonable default set up all
ready to go. At the top of the main window is space for text messages &
tips throughout the game whilst the sidebar contains all the menus you
will need to access.

You start the game with a single base planet and a large number of
production points with which to build your fleet and the Task Force. Each
turn consists of 6 phases, Production, Flight Ops(bombers, missiles,
scouts & landing craft), Task Force Movement Phase, Flight Unit Movement
Phase, Attack Resolution Phase & Victory Points Display. The knack is to
allocate your production points to the best effect and careful
consideration of your attacking and defensive options. At the end of each
turn you will get Victory Points for any occupied neutral planets, very
helpful for supply routes, and points for damage inflicted on the enemy.
Points can be lost for lost scouts and bombers. The player with the
highest number of points after a pre-determined number of moves, is the

This game is a board game converted to the computer and to fit on to the
A500, has had the frills taken out. If you are into Command & Conquer
there are many better games on the market -Dune 2 for example- which have
far better graphics, sound and that give you a sense of being in control,
all of which this game lacks. I bought this as part of a compilation which
also included Blitzkreig, Fireteam 2000 and White Death. WAW is by far the
most playable but could not really be described as enjoyable. As all the
other games on the compilation have serious graphic & control problems,
I'd give WAW about 50%.

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