Wibble World Giddy

Title           Wibble World Giddy
Game Type       Platform
Author          Phil Ruston
Players         1
HD Installable  Copy to HD
Compatibillity  All(?)
Availabillity   http://www.giddy3.co.uk/home.html (along with Giddy 2 & 3 (PC))
Submission      Joachim Froholt Profiled Reviewer

The Dizzy series from Codemasters is incredibly popular among Amiga and
C64 people. In short, it's a series of 2D platform games where, in
addittion to avoiding the various baddies, you have to solve a bunch of
puzzles to achieve victory. These puzzles usually follow the tried and
tested "pick up an object and find the correct place to use it" formula.
Because of the popularity of the series, there's an enormous amount of
clones out there, both commercial and non-commercial. Wibble World Giddy
is one of the best non-commercial ones (though it was actually born as a
parody game, and not a real clone).

Giddy is played on a map of several interconnected screens. The puzzles
are very simple, like in Dizzy. For instance, you might find that your
progress is halted by a fire in the middle of the road (because, as you
know, in 2D platformers there's no such thing as walking around anything
:-). Fortunately, you picked up a bucket of water earlier, so you splash
this on the fire and put it out, which means that you're able to explore
the level further. In between puzzles, you will have to avoid a number of
dangerous creatures, though none of these are actually intelligent and
proper timing will usually see you through as they all follow set patterns
which can be easily learnt.

And that's it, really. Wibble World Giddy looks pretty nice, and the music
(composed by Allister Brimble) is cheerful and well suited to the game.
Though it is pretty short, the game is good fun and all in all it is not a
bad way to spend an hour or two.

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