Title           Virocop
Game Type       General Action
Company         Graftgold
Players         1
Compatibility   All?
HD Installable  Yes
Submission      Richard Byrne

 Virocop is a sort of three dimensional platformer, where you must guide
D.A.V.E. (or something) about a themed set of missions and eliminate evil
virusses and their cohorts. It has plenty of colourful graphics and
reasonable music, and is great fun. For the first set of levels. You see
after the first level the ideas seem to have dried up and been replaced by
crap level design and masses of enemies to try and cover for fun and
entertainment, for me at least this didn't work and I explored the last
three levels under a cloud of frustration. I completed it by cheating.
There is also the weapons screen where you can use your hard earned points
to alter one or more of three slots to a different weapon, presumably the
idea is that there is a 'best choice' combination for each of the separate
worlds, but without a lot of experimenting I doubt anyone would come up
with a winning formula.

 Back to the first level though- I love it, and am more than slightly
suspicious that these were on all the demos. It's a sport themed land with
lots of green grass and the baddies are themed similarly: Giant pool
balls, tennis ball launchers and so on. There are no impossible stupid
bits, but plenty of cunning design to keep Johnny Player amused and
thinking. I only wish the whole game were as such, I would waste no time
in recommending it to all, that as you now know is sadly not the case.

 Not a lot of horse power is required for decent speed, but as ever the
more the better, nicer from hard disk, etc...

 Verdict: play the demos, than play the game and feel that a good thing
has gone to waste. Pity.

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