Title           Vigilante
Game Type       Beat-em-up
Publisher       US Gold
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes (with JST)
Compatibility   OCS but AGA patch available
Submission      Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

This is one of the first fighting games that I can remember playing in the
arcades years ago, and was one of the first fighting games on the Amiga
also. Fortunately fighting games have come a long way since then.

   You control your fighter as you walk from left to right on the screen
punching and kicking your way past any opponents you come across. You can
occasionally pick up other weapons that were dropped from beaten enemies
and in turn use it against them. Most enemies can be disposed of with just
one punch or kick but you will come up against stronger enemies that have
to be punched or kicked many times. You will occasionally come across boss
enemies that will have to be beaten more then Rodney King in order to be

   So far the game sounds promising but now the harsh reality. The second
you play the game you see how outdated it is. The game could be confused
for a C64 game. The graphics are below average and so is the sound. The
gameplay is very basic and soon becomes very boring. You only have a very
limited number of moves to do and the joystick responce could be better.
The game was probably a little fun to play 10 years ago but not now. There
are many similiar games that are much better like the Double Dragon series.

   In conclusion, I am not impressed with this game at all. It's not the
worst beat'em up I ever played but it is pretty close. The game really
shows its age and you will become bored playing this in 15 minutes. The
game is basically an average conversion of a below average arcade game.

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