Vektor Storm

Title		Vektor Storm
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Publisher       Inova Games
Players		1
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility	All
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   Remember Tempest in the arcades? Well, this is the best version that I
have seen on the Amiga.

   The object of the game is to shoot all the enemies that come flying at
you. The graphics are vektor based meaning that they consist of connecting
lines. The lines will form a shape, sometimes oval sometimes rectangular.
You move your ship around the perimeter of the shape shooting everything
that flies at you from the middle of the shape. You try to shoot them
before they can make it to the perimeter which if they do, you usually get

   You have the option of playing with either the mouse or joystick but
neither one can compare to the original arcade method of the spinning
knob. The controls sometimes seem to stick and don't move as fluidly as
they should. This can be a very big problem in this type of game because
fast precise movements is what the game is all about. Even with that minor
glitch the game is still playable. There is also the option to set the
difficulty and starting levels (Provided you have the password). Passwords
are given out at the end of every couple of levels and saves the game from
suffering from the frustrating "start the game from the beginning when you
die syndrome". There are loads of levels and each one gets progressively

   The graphics even though vektor based are nice and colorful and the
sound is very good and is in stereo. Being harddrive installable is a big
plus because the game loads instantly. There is even a quit back to
workbench option. Finally someone got it right.

   In conclusion, You like Tempest? Then you will like this game. It is by
far the best version available. It is almost a perfect conversion and
would be if the control response was a little better. It still plays well
and has a perfect difficulty level. This is another example where a game
focuses on playablility and not fancy graphics (although having both would
always be great). This is a nice game to have and you don't have many if
any, other commercial games of this type to choose from. I like the game
and I think you will too. Long live TEMPEST!

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