Title		Uninvited
Game Type	Adventure
Players		1
Publisher	ICOM
Compatibility	All?
HD Installable  Yes
Submission      Alkis Polyrakis Profiled Reviewer

Uninvited is very good point & click adventure game in the horror genre.
The atmosphere is compelling, the puzzles are excellent (although
inexperienced players may easily get confused) and the story is good
enough to keep you interested.

You start the game right after a car crash, realizing that your brother is
missing. You leave the car (which explodes behind you) and you find
yourself in front of a mansion. You decide to enter it and search for your
brother, unaware of the bad spirits that are haunting it. Once you enter
the mansion, the door closes behind you, trapping you inside.

The usual ICOM interface, used in Deja Vu 1 (one of the first point &
click adventures ever), Deja Vu 2 and Shadowgate. You can see six windows
on your screen. The graphics window, where the action takes place, the
message window, where you can read the descriptions of the narrator, the
inventory, the interface window, which includes the eight available
commands that you may use: Examine, open, close, speak, operate, go, hit,
consume, a window that shows you the available exits, and finally a window
that represents yourself. The interface is controlled by the mouse, and
it's very easy to learn. For instance, when you want to open a box, you
click on "open" in the commands window and then on the box in the graphics

Graphics & sound
The graphics are very well drawn and detailed. Even though the graphics
window is rather small, you will have no trouble recognizing the objects
for what they are. There are only a few sound effects in the game, windows
that break, laughter, dogs barking... Don't expect much there.

That's what makes an adventure game interesting. The puzzles are inventory
oriented. Uninvited is full of dead ends, so you have to be very careful
with some objects that can easily be destroyed. In addition, you only have
a number of moves in which you should finish the game. Although this
number is pretty big, if you exceed it you will be taken over by the
spirit of the game and you will die. There are no other characters other
than you and your brother in the game. Well, at least not live ones...
You will also learn some magic spells that you'll be able to use.

If you're a hardcore adventure player, do not miss this game. It's really
fun to play, even these days.

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