Title		Turrican
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Players		1
Compatibility	Not AGA (I think)
Submission	Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

Turrican is, or was, quite unusual in that it was basically a character
running around levels, jumping from various platforms, searching his way
to the exit, and, most importantly, BLASTING EVERYTHING in sight. The
figure you control has a beautifully animated run, and a rather awesome
array of weapons. He can drop mines, send out horizontal waves of energy,
swing around a rather impressive light sabre, transform into an
invulnerable rolling shuriken, and erm...... shoot at things. Rainbow
Arts, the company behind the game, were I believe originally a team of
Amiga demo coders. It shows. Turrican is full of little graphical twinkles
and sparkles that bear witness to the effort and skill that went into
producing this game. Turrican succeeded, perhaps unfairly, in putting me
off a lot of Amiga games. I'd see a new game and think, it might be good,
but if Rainbow Arts can produce stunning graphics on the Amiga, why can't
these people. Not a very healthy attitude, but it demonstrates how far
ahead these people were at the time. There's a lot of variety for this
sort of game, and it's a pleasure finding another level that has a
completely different mood to the last one. The game feature a "Jet-pack"
level, which must come equal first with Midwinter II for having the
most jolly sea-faring music in the history of sound.
The game is littered with hidden power-ups and end of level guardians, and
is a basically darned good romp of the blasting variety.

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