Turrican 2

Title           Turrican 2
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Publisher       Rainbow  Arts
Players         1
Compatibility   All
HD Installable  Patch Available
Submission      Nikos Andreou

As the name of this game suggests this is the sequel to one of the most
fascinating platform shoot-em-ups on the Amiga. If you think that
Turrican 1 was a brilliant game, wait until you see this! It is miles
ahead of its predecessor in any respect: Graphics, sound, playability.
The story of the game is similar to Turrican and Turrican 3; You must
save the world from the evil force. Not that it matters, I just mention
it so that you will have the whole picture of the game.

 The graphics in Turrican 2 are absolutely amazing. There are a lot of
frames dedicated to the animation of your character and the  enemy
sprites. In many levels there is a nice copper effect on the background,
but what is really good is the selection of the colors. You will never
feel confused even when the screen is full of sprites. The sprite
collision is perfect and you will never start complaining for losing a
life because the enemy sprite had a "telepathic contact" with you! In
just one word the game is very SOLID concerning graphics. Even in later
levels, when you control a spacehsip in a left-to-right shoot-em-up
section, the scrolling is very smooth and the game compares to some of
the best shoot-em-ups of this genre like Project X.

The in-game music is also fantastic. There is a great variety of tracks
and this makes me wonder how the Rainbow Arts programmers put everything
on not even two, but just one floppy! Each level has its own  track, and
please don't ask me how many levels the game has because I Iost count! My
estimation would be TOO MANY. In general I can say that the music is not
just quality music, it is also that it is made for this game. It helps the
andrenaline going up in crucial points and is relaxing(!) in some others.
It is a clear example of how well a game can be designed.

Finally, the playability "ties" together the other two elements
(graphics and sound) in the most appropriate way and makes sure that nobody
will dislike the game. There are more weapons than the first Turrican to
make sure that everybody will find his/her favourite weapon, the law of
gravity is implemented perfectly (walk over a bridge and you will
understand what I mean), there are brilliant effects like the resistance
you get from the wind, and other similar things that simply add to
perfection. Each level differs a lot from the others, and there are some
big bosses at the end of each one that make things more difficult for
you. The difficulty curve is brilliant and in each level you must make
sure that you will search every corner to find extra lives and bonuses.

I played this game for the first time back in 1992 and I thought it was
one of my favourite games. Today, 7 years later, it is still one of my
favourite games. I don't mind that I finished it many times. I like to
play it quite often just to remember that perfection is not utopia
thanks to a brilliant company called Rainbow Arts. Thank you. Overall :

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