Title           TrianGO
Game Type       Stratagy
Company         California Dreams/Logical Design Works 1988
Players         1-4
Compatibility   No AGA? (see )
HD Installable  Yes (see )
Submission      Glenn Trewin (

Test machines were a 2000/000 1.3/3.1 2chip/8fast, 1200/060/PPC 3.1

"From the mists of antiquity, shrouded in the mysteries of the Orient,
came the inspiration for a strategy game that could only be played... the midst of galactic space!"

I had to share that with you, it is on the back of the box. :)

  -The Game-
TrianGO is played on a Chinese Checkers (not exact) style board, you each
have 14 "stones" and you take turns placing them down one at a time, the
object of the game is to surround your opponent's stones with a triangle of
three of your stones, you can then capture your opponent's stones (if you
wish) on your next turn (if your stones are still on the board that is
;).).  When you do a "capture" your three stones that did the capture are
also removed, these can then be reused.

  To win you must capture all other stones or be the last person that can
make a move, this may sound easy but with 3-4 players (I've only played a 3
player game) it's hell...but fun :), you can play single player against
the computer if you wish, it has 5 setting from "Novice" to "Grand
Master", there are also options to load/save games, save/print logs among
other things. One thing I really like is that it shades areas that you
control (in a triangle) in your color...with several players this makes
things very colorful and interesting, overlaps create more colors.  Of
course you can turn other peoples shades off so you can see whats going on.

Good points - Multi-tasking, HD installable , quits to WB.

Bad points - Look-up copy protection...thats all I could think of.

 This game doesn't like my 1200 at all, I didn't try a degrader (thats
why I keep the 2000, so I don't have to use them) so it may work with one,
or it may be the 060 it doesn't like.  It works fine on my 2000 running
3.1 so the OS isn't the problem.

 It doesn't have an installer as such, simply copy it to where you want
(it's a DOS disk) and run it, there is a sample Startup-sequence for HD on
the disk for 1.3 users.

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