Title           Trapped2
Game Type       3D Adventure
Publisher       New Generation Software (1997)
Players         1
Compatibility   68020+, 4Mb FastRam, 1Mb Chip, CD-ROM Drive
HD Installable  N/A
Submission      Kristian Hesketh Profiled Reviewer

Trapped2 is a true 3D role-playing adventure with stunning graphics.  You
control a muscular hero set to destroy the evil that has ravaged the city
of Kaldrion and must defeat many of the evil minions that now inhabit it.
Obviously there are a large number of traps to be dealt with also.

The Trapped games broke all the moulds for the RPG style. RPG's had always
been clunky frame-by-frame, 90 degree turn, adventures full of orcs and
goblins. Trapped 2 followed on from it predecessor with true 3D
environments and objects with excellent lighting effects. This meant that
the game looked wonderful, but required a fair amount of horsepower to get

It plays a bit like the Doom clones, but the attacks are different. You
can either swipe with your sword or send a lovely glowing fireball off
towards the enemy. Usage of the fireball reduces your mana levels and so
it cannot be fired too often. Attacking with the sword has it's own
drawbacks. Your character's default "delay time" and the weight of the
sword are added together to find the total delay and this prevents you
from attacking too often. In practice you end up standing right next to
your foe desperately hitting the attack key in the hope that you might
just attack them once. You cannot madly run around killing everyone in
sight as in Doom. A lot more thought and patience required.

There are barely any instructions to play this game and for about a year I
never played it. I found it impossible to attack the enemies in the very
first area of the game, as my attacks just didn't seem to harm them. I
could only use the fireball spell, which I quickly ran out of. Then I
tried ducking, and lo and behold, I had to attack whilst ducking to harm
the smaller monsters. This puzzle is by far the hardest I have come
across in the game, but once it was understood I could get on with playing
the game.

Attacking still isn't that easy though, as it is quite hard to tell if you
are in the right postion to attack or whether the huge spider/wasp can
reach you to inflict damage.

After having got nearly all the weapons, (and turning off the "realistic
walking" feature) you find yourself outside with a load of nasty creatures
waiting to ensnare you. The huge wasps are hard to kill and they gang up
on you spewing white balls of light whenever it takes their fancy. Running
away is the sanest tactic early on.

So far the game hasn't really been that great, but the other parts are
much better. Most of the encounters with the monsters become one-on-one
which is more enjoyable. The traps and puzzles are fun and cryptic clues
are dotted around the mazes which you usually understand after you have
completed the puzzles.

There is a fun puzzle with a huge bowling ball at the top of a raised
area. There is a skull shaped switch which makes the huge ball roll down.
This reveals a green gem where the ball previously occupied and collecting
it results in death!! If you have the sound on though, you should hear
what the cause of death is and develop a tactic to prevent being killed.
It's all fun without being too tricky. The traps are the usual arrows
flying accross the screen and spikes leaping out of the ground to harm
you. They can be avoided although luck is sometimes necessary to escape
without damage.

The magic system is good and simple. When you pick up a scroll with a
spell written on it you remember it. When you call up the spell menu there
is a 4x4 grid with symbols on. It is simply a case of entering the right
symbols in the right order to cast the spell and they a written to the
left of the grid if you have found them.

The monsters in the game are all true 3D and all the better for it. The
spiders look very spidery and the zombie-type things walk and fall over in
true zombie fashion. The artificial intelligence is also good although not
as good as the excellent Genetic Species.

There are flaws to the game, which can make it an aggravating experience
occasionally. If you walk into some spikes or a huge rolling ball of death
you will die instantly, even if you brush against them. The game doesn't
tell you you died, it just restarts from the last save position. The save
games are also very stupid. You can save at any time, which is good
(although it does take some time to get back to the game after a save),
but you only have ONE slot and when you walk through a teleport the game
will save again at that point!?! When you restart again, your old save
game is lost. Grrrrrrr.......

It's a great adventure and there is a good sense of progression in the
game. The attacking can be enjoyable and there are loads of spells to get
your teeth into. The city especially looks great and the lighting changes
between night and day. If the bugs were ironed out, it would be a lot more
fun. As it is now, you will enjoy it between moments of rage. There really
is nothing quite like it (except the pretty poor Trapped 1).

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