Turboraketti II

Title           Turboraketti II
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Game license    Freely distributable
Download URL    http://www.helsinki.fi/~lakahone/tr/download.html
Players         1 to many, but at most 2 simultaneously
HD Installable  ?
Compatibility   OCS, ECS and AGA. Playable from floppy and hard disk.
Submission      Heikki Orsila (heikki.orsila@iki.fi)

Turboraketti 2 is a space dogfight game with 1 or 2 players. The game is
similar to an earlier game called Gravity Force. Each player has a base to
repair, rearm, refit and refuel ships. Players either compete in killing
each other, or race for the best time on a track. The ships are drawn from
a side view, and gravity pulls the ships downwards. The screen is split in
two halves in a vertical direction. Both players have one half of the
screen. Hitting a landscape or another ship destroys the vessel. Each
track or killing ground has multiple variables such as gravity, size,
looks and shapes. The ships have variables such as type of weapons, amount
of damage, firing patterns and amount of ammunition and fuel. Amount of
weapons and fuel affect the weight of the ship which affects the force of
gravity. Ships with less fuel and ammunition move faster than those with
more. Physics attributes of the game include weapon fire force (affects
both the shooter and the target), gravity and air (and liquid) resistance.
Landscapes are indestructible.

The playability is excellent. Ships follow your control as would be
expected. The sound effects are also good. The ship's movement sounds
like wind blowing. The sound of the wind blowing is rather pleasing
compared to most games having a sound of rocket burning.

On the negative side there are not enough different maps to play with, and
there is no map editor to create new ones. A possibility to play the game
with two separate machines via serial or parallel link would add more
depth to the game. With the screen split into two halves one can see the
other player sneaking forwards, which somewhat diminishes the excitement of
the game. Also, two machines could make it possible to have more than two
players fight simultaneously.

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