Total Chaos - Battle at the frontier of time

Title		Total Chaos - Battle at the frontier of time
Game Type	Strategy
Players		1 to 8
HD Installable  ???
Compatibility	AGA
Submission	War Chicken

Total Chaos is a turn based fantasy strategy game in which you take the
role of a Wizard. Your aim is to destroy all other Wizards on the Board.

Every Wizard is equipped with a predefined number of spells. These spells
can be imagined as playcards. Every single spell can be cast only once and
only one spell per turn. There are two basic types of spells: Summoning
spells for invoking monsters or objects and Enchantment spells that change
objects already on the board or the actual board itself.

 Lets take a look at the Summon spells first. There are a huge amount of
spells that invoke animals or monsters to your command to be used against
the enemy wizards (Computer players or human opponents) and their
creatures. This begins with giant bugs and orcs and ends with dragons and
demons. In all there are almost 300 different creatures that can be

These can even be enhanced by enchantments, but I'll come to that later on.

Other Summoning spells invoke Growths or inanimate objects like walls or a
forest to hinder enemy movement or grant other bonuses.

The other big category is the Enchantment spells that do a lot of
different things. Some enhance your units (Haste makes them faster, Fly
grows wings) which can often even be seen on the battlefield (wings cast
on a Lion makes the lion grow visible wings) or weaken your enemies
creations. Some are direct damage spells, some have a random output. The
number of Enchantments exceeds 200 so you can imagine what a lot of
combinations are possible, and how unpredictable the game is. The name
Total Chaos says it all.

For example you've got a red dragon in your spell list at the beginning.
That is a rare thing to have since the red dragon is a mighty unit and the
mightier the spell the lower the chance to have it. Some spells are so
potent that you will have to earn them in the game; there is no way of
possessing them at the beginning.

So you cast your red dragon and hope to be an early winner.

Maybe you are. But itís most likely that your enemies have something
to counter it with.

for example they could have Flesh to Stone, and your dragon won't be able
to move or attack anymore until that spell is broken by someone.

 This is the great idea behind Total Chaos: You will never know what comes
next, what spells you'll get, or what your enemies will do. Its as good as
impossible to face one situation the same way in Total chaos two times. It
forces you to use another strategy each time.

That's not all. There are many options to customize Total Chaos. For
example, do you want to play on an open battlefield or in a dungeon maze?
Shall there be Generators that produce independent creatures that attack
you and your opponents? How many spells shall each wizard have? Do you
prefer to play without flying creatures? Or only with flying creatures?
Shall there be spell scrolls scattered around the board to be found and
added to your spellbook? Shall they be hidden and only to be found if you
destroy an obstacle that stands on them? And, and, and....

Total Chaos is Fun without an end.

It is available for Download the trial version at
or simply from the Aminet.

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