Title		Toki
Game Type	Platform
Company		Ocean
Players		1
HD Installable  Yes (With JST Patch)
Compatibility	All (AGA needs Patch)
Submission	Mike West

 This is one of the games that I find surprisingly few people seem to have
heard of. Originally an arcade game, it's Eastern influence is clear in
the characters names. You play the role of Toki, a mighty warrior who
strays in the path of an evil sorcerer, Bashtar. Toki is turned into a
rather ugly looking ape to enable Bashtar to kidnap Tokis love, Miho. You,
as Toki, must journey through six levels of fantasy and colour.

 I really like Toki. The creatures that he must overcome are quite frankly
bizarre but this is good, simple fantasy gaming at it's best. Infact at
one point, Commodore included this in one of it's bundles. It surfaced on
the Amiga in 1991 and I've yet to find a game that is anywhere near

 As you start the first level, what look like flying discs with tails
hover overhead, and as they pass, Toki spits shots from his mouth to kill
them and release coins which he can duly catch. Collect 30 for an extra
life. Other power-ups appear throughout the game and these will enable
different firing patterns or help in other ways i.e.. extra time etc . The
variety of enemies found even in the first five minutes of playing really
let you know what you're in for, strange orange ape creatures (uglier then
Toki!) and blue devils throwing pitchforks! The music to Toki also seems
to suit the game well in a suitably fantasy sort of way.

 The six levels vary like the elements. Water, Fire, Ice are three with
Mountains, Forest and the last level, Voodkimedio castle, making the six
although not in that order of play. Good timing is essential to progress
anywhere in this game and initial attempts at the game usually result in
fairly quick obliteration. The end of level guardians are particularly
hard to get past and at times seemingly impossible. Stick with it though,
their attack patterns always stay the same so just watch and learn!

 Playing this on a degraded A1200 used to be problematic to say the least
and many times I'd degrade with various software only to find it wouldn't
work when only the day before it had. I've now installed it with JST and
it runs without fault. Cheers Jeff!

 Overall then, a good, original looking game nicely converted by Ocean.
Colourful but difficult in places, recommended.

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