Tower of Babel

Title		Tower of Babel
Game Type	Puzzle
Players		1
Compatibility	Amiga 500 (patch available for AGA/HD)

The main task is to solve a Tower with  zapper, pusher and grabber type
spider robots. A tower can be up to 4 levels and various items can be
found. You can even create your own Towers. The "starter" towers
are there so you can get used to the way the different spider robots
work and what you can do with them. Each spider robot can be programmend,
which is important in later levels, where you need to coordinate your
spider robots to achieve a task.
	The graphics are filled vectors but you quickly forget about the graphics
if you are thinking hard on how to solve a problem. There is no in-game tune,
but the actions of the robots have their own sounds.
	Unlike many other games, where graphics are the main feature,
this game really has a unique game-design and it can drive you nuts sometimes.
It did drive me nuts often enough :)

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