Test Drive

Title		Test Drive
Game Type	Driving
Company		Accolade
Players		1
Compatibility	OCS?
Submission	Richard Welfare

Before I even bought my first A500, way back in 1990, a friend had an
A1000. Brought up on a diet of Spectrums and Commodore 64s, we were in awe.
Test Drive was the first game I played on an Amiga of any kind. The intro,
with the guy rolling down the window of the Porsche and grinning before
driving off blew us all away. The graphics at the time were something else.

In the game itself, the graphics were excellent for the time - realistic
car dashboard etc. Okay, so the scaling of the other cars was dodgy but
you didn't notice those things at the time. In these days of 16Mb graphics
cards, a 1/2 meg A500 being able to produce this was pretty good.

The sound was good - each car (Corvette, Lamborghini Countach, Lotus Esprit,
Porsche 911 and Ferrari Testarossa) had a distinctive sound which presumably
sounded like the real thing. Like I've driven one! The premise was simple -
drive from petrol station to petrol station as fast as possible.

Okay, so the game was easy to beat, but with 5 different cars and average
speeds given for each level, there was variety available. Outrunning the
cops would give a rush too.

I think that this game was responsible for at least 3 people buying an
A500, myself included.

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