Title           Teresa
Game Type       Adventure (Adult)
Company         Unknown Amigos
Players         1
Compatibility   AGA only
Submission      top_cat@post8.tele.dk (Jens Vang Petersen)

This game deserves at least 2 prices, one for the shortest adventure I have
ever played, and one for the dirtiest game I've ever seen on my Amiga..
Oh yes then it uses a quite rare 1st persion view, but for a game of this
type it makes it more interesting (rare in adventures)..
The entire plot of the game can be described as this: You've met a nice
girl at a meeting, and she has accepted your offer to stay the night with
you. The point is simply to get into her pants, or more accurately, to get
her to drop them. It turns out a little more complicated, because she
reveals that she has a birthday the folowing day, and due to the meeting
she's so exhausted that there's no chance in the evening. So you have to
get up before her, and find some interesting birthday-presents for her,
if you find the right presents (and get up in time) it's a home-run..
The game is quite easy, and it took me under 1 hour to solve it, but if
you're not offended by erotics (and don't want to solve greater riddles
like in Fascination) then this might turn out entertaining. Oh and just
remember, she has a quite special taste in presents (that took some time
for me to figure out...)

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