TV Sports Football

Title           TV Sports Football
Publisher       Cinemaware
Game Type       Sport
Players         1-2
HD Installable  No
Compatibility   ECS/degrade for higher specs
Submission      Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   The first sports simulation in the Cinemaware sports series takes the
identity of the American game Football.

   All pro teams are included, each which a full roster of players who's names
closely resemble real players but don't match exacly. Each player has
attributes that can be edited to ones preferences, including players names,
speed, quickness, ball handling ability. These edits can then be saved for
future games.

   When the games starts you're treated to a very impressive opening sequence
which includes great graphics and sound with a little humor thrown in as well.
This pregame preview sets the tone for this wonderful game. The game itself
plays beautifully. The animation and scrolling is very smooth and joystick
response is right on as is the difficulty level. A very nice touch to the game
is when you score a touchdown you are sometimes treated to an interlude
showing everything from cheerleaders dancing to the opposing team letting out
their anger. This is a great feature as the interludes are funny and
beautifully drawn graphically. There is even a halftime show.

   Controlling your players is very simple, as is making your plays. There is
a playbook with predetermined offensive and defensive plays but it still takes
skill to control the ball carriers. This game is very good as a 1 player game
but is excellent as a 2 player game. Another great feature is that all a
players statistics are saved every game, so you can compare your team to other
teams in the league and see which players have the best stats.

The bottom line is that this is by far the best American football game on the
amiga. The Graphics and Sound are excellent, the interludes add humor, the
gameplay is great, being able to edit all attributes to any player is the
icing on the cake for this great game. Anyone who likes American football will
simply love this game. Do yourself a favor and buy it!

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