TV Sports Boxing

Title           TV Sports Boxing
Publisher       Cinemaware
Game Type       Sport
Players         1 or 2
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   All
Submission      Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   The last game in the classic Cinemaware style. Everything that we have come
to expect from Cinemaware is in the game, the only exception is the absence of
the opening animated sequence.
   You create your own boxer, selecting body color, hair color, trunks color,
and boxer style. You start with a fixed number of skill points which are used
toward selecting you boxers skills. The skills include punching power,
stamina, conditioning, strength and cuts. Its not a good idea to use all your
points on one skill as it will leave you vunerable to other areas.
   You start with a trainer and promoter. When you make money you can buy
better trainers and promoters, but you must win some fights first. When you
first start your career you are ranked last. The basic aim of this game is
fight your way to higher rankings and eventually become champion. Your
promoter will set up who you fight. You can accept or decline hoping for a
different opponent. The higher ranking your opponent is, the more money you
make from a fight. Win a fight and your ranking will go up, lose and it will
go down.
   The fighting itself is a lot of fun and requires only skill. You learn what
your opponents weaknesses are and exploit them. There are 3 ways to win/lose a
fight. The first way is to get knocked out by losing all your stamina and
conditioning. The second way is to be knocked down 3 times in a round, and the
last way is if you're bleeding too much the ref will stop the fight. When you
get punched in the head too many times you start to bleed and turn black and
   The bottom line is that once again Cinemaware did us good. This is by far
the best boxing game on the Amiga. It's very addictive, you'll find yourself
giving it another go and saying "just one more fight". It's hard to stop
playing and thats how you know what a good game this is. It's a shame that
Cinemaware are no longer around. They never got to do the TV Sports Hockey on
the Amiga.

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