TV Sports Basketball

Title           TV Sports Basketball
Publisher       Cinemaware
Game Type       Sport
Players         1 or more
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   All
Submission      Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   Another sports game in the classic Cinemaware style once again doesn't
dissappoint! Everything that we've come to expect from Cinemaware is included
in the game, from the amazing opening sequence to the announcer's previews, to
being able to edit all aspects of the players attributes.
   Although great as a 1 player game its obviously more fun playing human
opponents. You can even just manage and watch your team perform. There's the
option of playing against each other or playing on the same team with each
other. You have the option of controlling a specific player or whatever player
has the ball. Joystick control is excellent, its very responsive and easy to
pull off different kinds of shots, which brings me to the point of shooting.
The better your players shooting attribute, the more accuracy of his shot. You
can even pull off some razzle dazzle when close to the basket. This can
include slamdunks, to full body turning slams. You can even alley oop.
   The game is about as realistic as possible for computer basketball. The
graphics and animations are great, but it's the sound that adds all the
atmosphere. You can actually hear the squeeks of the players sneakers! Another
great touch is the crowd sounds. If you're the home team, you will hear cheers
when the team is doing well, the better you play, the louder the cheers. Start
to play bad and the crowd will actually boo you. Although there is some luck
involved in shooting, there is also plenty of skill involved. You must
substitute players at appropriate times and know when to pass and shoot.
   In conclusion, I have to say that this is one of the best sports
simulations that I have played on the Amiga. Every game is different and no
two teams play alike. Some teams are better than others, although for some
reason the Cinemaware team is always one of the best. The graphics are great
and the sound is particularly great. If your a fan of basketball, you must get
this game. You'll play it day and night and love every minute of it!

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