TV Sports Baseball

Title           TV Sports Baseball
Publisher       Cinemaware
Game Type       Sport
Players         1 or more
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   All
Submission      Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   After playing TV Sports Football and Basketball I was really looking
forward to this game. Although a very good game, it's not up to the standards
of Football and Basketball. For starters, there's no animated opening
sequence. Why they did away with this I have no idea. They were always great
to watch and set the atmosphere well.
   The game can be played as a player or manager, and even against other
humans. As in the previous TV Sports games, all players can be edited to suit
your style of play. You can choose from different stadiums and teams.
   Controlling the players is pretty straight forward but can sometimes be
tricky, especially base running. You control the player who's closest to the
ball. Pitching is simple and fun. You have a selection of different pitches to
throw and where over the plate to throw them. The only problem is that if you
want, you can always throw a strike. Not very realistic. Playing a whole
season can take forever because of the amount of games in a season. During
the season all players statistics are saved after every game so you can
compare them to players on other teams.
   The games graphics are okay and the sound is also okay, I just wish the
presentation was as good as TV Sports Football & Basketball. If it sounds like
I'm being a little harsh it's because the other two games spoiled me. Make no
mistake, this is a good game, its the best version so far on the Amiga. It's
miles ahead of RBI2 baseball, which really sucked, I mean REALLY sucked. I
have actually read reviews in European magazines that said RBI2 is a better
game, DON"T BELIEVE IT! the people who wrote the review obviously know nothing
about the game of baseball. If you want to play baseball on the Amiga, get TV
Sports Baseball. It's much better than anything else available.

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