Syndicate (Third Review)

Title		Syndicate (Third Review)
Game Type	Combat simulation
Players		1
Compatibility	All

Welcome to the future... the Syndicate future! The mega-corporations
rule the world, controlling different territories whose inhabitants
live in Blade Runner-esque cities, drones kept in line with mind
controlling microchips. As an operative for one of the corps, you
must command a team of 4 cyborgs through various missions to achieve
global dominance. The missions are varied, from assasinations to
protection duties, through full on bloody wars! The cities you fight
through are impressive, with pedestrians to roast, cars to hijack,
buildings to enter, and of course video billboards! You get a great
selection of weapons, equipment and cyborg upgrades, including miniguns,
lasers, rocket launchers, self-destruct mechanisms, shields and
medikits. The controls are good too, control your agents individually
or as a group, set the levels of various hormones to give them speed
boosts, heal themselves, shoot more accurately and behave more
independently. Mention should also be given to the rendered intro and
cut-scenes, which were ahead of their time for the Amiga in the golden
days when Syndicate was released. So, give it a go... it's so addictive
I've played through it twice and still go back for more!

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