Sword of Aragon

Title           Sword of Aragon
Game Type       Strategy
Players         1
HD Installable	Yes
Compatibility	All Amigas (can be promoted to run on VGA monitors)
Submission      Daniel.A.Morris@btinternet.com

Sword of Aragon is an extremely rare classic game which shows just how
much was possible in those glorious early days. S.O.A is a turn based
stategy game where the player controls individuals, cities & armies in an
unfolding plot of politics and conquest. Unlike most other similar games
the player is not a godlike being but rather an ordinary individual who
has come to rule the city of Allada, and is represented as a unit on
screen in both combat and map mode. This character has equiptment, a
career and statistics in the style of classic role playing computer games.
As well as controling this character the player controls other individuals
and armies who have decided to follow this leader as well as controling tax
and spending in cities under the player's control. In addition outfiting,
training and the hiring of forces must also be undertaken. Their are 3
basic modes in the game.

1.The main map screen, of which more is revealed as one explores,  from
here one can see the geography, cities and move forces throughout the
known world, as well as end the current month (gameturn) which then
processes events based on previous actions.

2. The combat screen. Each time the player's forces engange in combat a
second map screen appears showing a far smaller area representing where
the fight is taking place. Features such as houses, walls, trees, water
and mountains are shown here as well as all forces involved in the battle.
This is a turn based battle sequence where the player orders his forces to
take various actions. Different units have many different options
including spellcasting, charging, fleeing and shooting. The detail here is
astounding, factors such as morale, terrain, armour & injury are all taken
into account. Battles here may be won or lost but the game continues.

3. City screen. this is actually a series of screens showing details on a
selected city, from here one can control spending and tax as well as
review a citie's performance. These city screens are purely text based.

There are numerous other screens, such as those showing profiles for
forces, training outlines and spending and diplomacy screens but the 3
listed form the core of the game.

My thoughts - even in the year 2000 there are few games that offer such
good playability and detail. This game insincredibly complex for the time
and still holds its appeal. It is difficult & engaging. I do not know if
it came out for any other platforms and have NEVER FOUND ANY RECORD OF IT
ON THE INTERNET. My copy finally died around 4 years ago, and although it
was always troubled by bugs. I dream of one day finding it in a second
hand shop.

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