Title           Sword
Game Type       Platform
Company         Titan/SerioComic 1997
Players         1
Compatibility   All with 1 meg chip (but see )
HD Installable  Yes (but see )
Submission      Glenn Trewin (keelhaul@tig.com.au)

Test machines were a 2000/000 1.3/3.1 2chip/8fast, 1200/060/PPC 3.1

  -The Game-
First off perhaps the game type should be called "Jumper" instead of
"Platform", because thats what you will be doing...over and over again,
if you aren't any good at jumping (in both directions) then this game
isn't for you.

The game is a fairly straight forward sideways scrolling platformer,
you get 7 lives at the start..and you'll need them, your character
is a small boy with a machine gun (I don't know about you but I wish I'd
owned one when I was younger), and apparently you are trying to find a
Sword of some sort (why bother? you've got a machine gun!).  Your gun has
unlimited ammo but has a heat(?) gauge, this limits how long it can be
fired before it needs to cool down, to get to the next level you need to
collect a certain amount of Emeralds.

As mentioned earlier, in this game you will need to know how to jump, if
you miss a jump you will most likely be dead (this is where the 7 lives
comes in handy), there are an assortment of things that want to kill you
of course, incuding things that fall from the sky and stick up through
the ground, but most lives will be lost through missed jumps.  Also when
killed you start from the start again, not from where you were killed,
this mean many possibilities of dying again before you even get back to
where you were.

Good points - The graphics are ok, HD installable, quits to WB.

Bad points  - Not system friendly, it stops my clock and locks up my
1200 if I have something (i.e. the rc5 client) running in the
background.  The music can't be turned off and it gets monotonous. The
character graphics has a black line around him, like an old superimposed
movie....I could go on but I won't.

I must admit I never completed this game, and I doubt I ever will...don't
get me wrong I like platformers...I really do, but I have to say that this
one doesn't deliver.

 When I bought it I had a 030 in the 1200 and it played fine, now
that I have a 060 it runs about 50% faster than it should, this includes
the music, I don't know how it runs on an 040 but I'd be very wary before
buying it.

 Installation requires "installer" in your c drawer, this mean that
1.3 and 2.x users may have to install by hand (not tested but they "appear"
to be DOS disks), also the game installs several things into your LIB's
drawer, thats what I needed...more things in my LIB's drawer :\.

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