Super Hang-on (Second Review)

Title		Super Hang-on (Second Review)
Game Type	Driving
Company		Electric Dreams/Sega
Players		1
Compatibility 	All
HDInstallable	Patch available
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This game is a well programmed and very playable game. Even though it's
old it has stood the test of time well.

   The object of the game is to race your motorcycle and get to the end of
the level before time runs out. You can select between 4 different
difficulty levels and each one represents a different continent. Each
level is broken down into sections, the faster you finish a section, the
more time you will have for the next section. There are other
motorcyclists that will try to run you off the road and there are also
other objects that you can crash into, slowing you down. The game can be
played by either mouse or joystick and you can also select between sounds
and music.

   The graphics are good and so are the sounds. The game scrolls at you so
you feel as if you're moving forward. The game plays extremely well, control
is very responsive and the difficulty level is perfect. Since there aren't
all that many levels the lastability may be in question. What's there is
great however. There are many games of this type on the Amiga and this is
definetly one of the better ones.

   In conclusion, I really like this game. It plays so well and even
though its a pretty basic game it has been executed very well. More levels
would have added to the lastability of this game, but hey, you can't always
have everything. Even though this game was released over 10 years ago it
has stood the test of time well. If you like racing games then you should
like this game. Nothing fancy, but a good straight forward racer.

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