SuperCars II

Title		SuperCars II
Game Type	Driving
Players		1-2
Compatibility	All (patch needed for AGA)
Submission	Aidan Ryder

This is a top-down driving game by the wonderful Magnetic Fields (they
also created the Lotus series).You can have one or two players
(split-screen), and the aim is to win several races by fair means or
foul. Fair means include powering up your engine, buying nitros, and
adding armour to your car. Foul means include rockets, homing missiles,
mines, ram-bars, and nasty tricks (such as ramming other cars off jumps,
and under trains) Trains? Yes, the tracks cross train tracks as well as
having moving gates to drive through, and jumps to leap. There are a few
faults in this game, the first being that it is too easy. Not a problem
though, as even when you have played every track you will go back for
more. Also, the computer cars have an AI roughly equivalent to that of a
games teacher, so this is really a game for two players only. Nice
features include the various tests that you get, such as driving tests,
and interviews with the local paper. In these you must answer correctly to
get extra money, or retain your championship points.

Overall, then, a fine two-player game with tidy graphics, reasonable sound,
and bags of playability. 85%

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