Summer Games 2

Title           Summer Games 2
Publisher       Epyx (US Gold MegaSports compilation bu US Gold)
Game Type       Sport
Players         1-8
Compatibility   Not AGA
HD Installable  No
Submission      Seppo Typpö ( Profiled Reviewer

This game is a sequel to Summer Games; the masterpiece that first appeared
on the Commodore 64. Designed and programmed by Epyx Software, the
undisputed king of sport sims, the game offers another set of Olympic
sports events. The game was converted to the Amiga and it later found its
way to the MegaSports compilation.

The second Summer Games has the triple jump, rowing, kayaking, javelin,
the high jump, fencing, cycling and equestrian. Each event provides a
different challenge which means they all have different joystick control
systems, making it hard to master them all. The events in SG2 are more
complicated than in the first game, requiring more complex moves.
Generally speaking the gameplay in Summer Games II is harder than in the
first game.

Summer Games 2 has all the features which have made Epyx sports games
famous. They have a multidude of events, excellent practice, one player
and multi-player options. Each event has been cleverly designed, requiring
exact timing of joystick button presses and stick movement for succesful

The graphics and sound of the Amiga version closely resemble the 8-bit
original which means the game looks and sounds somewhat simple when
compared to today's standards. The 16-colour graphics are generally well
drawn and the events are nicely animated while the audio spot effects and
music (mainly national anthems), while being only adequate, suitably
enchances the atmosphere.

The main thing, game play, has survived the conversion intact and offers
hours of entertainment especially in fabulous multi-player mode which
makes this sim a quite excellent party game. A highly recommended sports sim
then, which, as an added bonus, will treat your joysticks kindly.

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