Subwar 2050

Title		Subwar 2050
Game Type	3D Combat Sim
Players		1
Compatibility	AGA
Submission	Richard Byrne

   One of Microprose's finest games to be released on the
Amiga, Subwar is, as the name suggests,  about submarines
fighting each other in the year 2050.
   Gameplay is a cockpit-viewed simulation, and bares a strong
resemblance to many flight sims, but the novel setting of water
rather than air does lend a different feel during play what with
hull pressure, thermal layers, buoyancy and so on.  It's very
much more dog fight orientated, and fight you will.
   There are five campaigns to complete, during which you could
be required to destroy, rescue, patrol, sabotage or protect,
often with the aid of a wingman.  The game engine is pleasant
enough, although it lacks the textures of the PC version, also the
ocean bed/weapon collision detection seems a little off.  The
game is well presented throughout (the damage control screen
is particularly nice), and even the manual comes as a sort of
   As always there are problems which ,although non-terminal
and present in many games, grate:

1) Enemies blatantly APPEAR! FROM NOWHERE! NO NO NO!
2) Games don't save on the A1200.
3) The game doesn't check the system for best gfx/speed compromise.
4) No serial game.
5) No real learning curve.
6) Some missions way too long/short.

   Despite these niggles, I regularly return to patrol the sinister
corporate-filled seas of the future, because it is still good fun.
This game is a treat on a A1200 with +030/RAM and a Competition Pro
joypad. Well worth every penny.

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