Stunt Car Racer (Fourth CelebrityReview)

Title		Stunt Car Racer (Fourth Celebrity Review)
Game Type	Driving
Players		1 or 2 via Serial
Submission	Mevlut Dinc (Celebrity Reviewer)

Although I don't really play games I have to say Stunt Car Racer on the
Amiga was one of the very few games I enjoyed playing. It was a good
example of great programming in terms of both technical achievement and
well balanced gameplay. It was just like a great platform game, you'd
blame yourself every time you crashed your car and you'd just have one
more go - and it was in 3D! A great game.

A couple of snippets from my approach to producing games:

The game must be sufficiently original but more importantly it must carry
the producer's signature - i.e. the players should be able to say this is
a Mevlut Dinc production. The game must be reasonably easy to play but
harder to master. The emphasis must be on the clever and efficient use of
the objects rather than finding them.

Over the years I've witnessed many a funny situation but I think the one
that comes to mind quickly is this one:

I was working on Big Trouble in Little China (oops, yes I did do it!) and
also helping with the Commodore 64 version of Aliens. My Commodore programmer
Edward was writing some sprite routines and we were all working under lot of
pressure trying to finish the game for Xmas - day and night, sleeping in the
offices of Electric Dreams and basically living on crappy burgers/pizzas.
Every time Edward was asked how long it would take him to finish the routines,
after a short pause, he'd say "I think an hour and a quarter". This went on
for a good few days and on one occasion, Edward was being quizzed again by the
newly joined project manager; "Come on Edward, how long before you can give us
these routines and PLEASE don't you f***ing say an hour and a quarter!".
Edward paused a little as usual and answered in a softly spoken voice "an
hour and three quarters"!!!!.

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